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July 27, 2012


Finally the world stood still and the clock stopped ticking. Nothing was moving around but her blood within her body. She was on the mid of the cloud in the verge of bidding a bye for ever. There was no movement of the wind and the sun was red like a cherry. She looked around putting her arms around herself, holding self tightly, muttering nothing, waiting for the thoughts to flow so that she can act upon something, something which she had never done before, something which will be decided by her guts. Something which will take her fear away from everyone and everything. Her lips were tightened, body was numb and the emotions were stuck. She wanted to break all the rules, all the feelings and go back. Go back to him whom she had never seen since ages but her heart beats every time for him. She never wanted to leave him but she could not be with him then. She had nothing to lose now apart from the responsibility to take her own burden and this was the time for her to go back to him and live the moments which she had always craved for during all these years.

She, now being in the middle of nowhere, could not do anything. No decisions, no dreams, no emotions, no feelings, nothing she had. She could not live its’ soul nor she could give it up. She slowly moved her eyelids and looked at the cherry red sun and wondered why the earth was still? What happened to the earth alike her thoughts? She as usual had no answer. She looked down and found that she was standing on the cliff and she could not step ahead. She turned around and walked down the cliff and confused to find that the stars were twinkling, wind was blowing and he was holding her hands and walking beside her in the evening fog of the cold winter. She got a curve on her face and he took her in his arms. She looked at him longingly, thinking to capture this moment forever and be in his arms as long as she breathes. She whispered “I missed you so”. He replied, “I love you so very much”.

The black street dog, which she fed everyday with love, barked so loudly to break this stillness around her. Her beautiful eyes were wide awake to let her realize that was a dream. She woke up, sat on the bed while her tears rolled down her cheeks.