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July 6, 2013


There are many ways of defining this word and use it in many ways also. Irrespective of anything, it’s void, null. That’s what my mind is. I listen, the brain understands, reciprocates but I give no thought. I am blank, I do because I have to and I may be because I enjoy.

It’s been a long time I have written anything and posted anything just because my gray cells are blank. They are blank not because they don’t have anything but the reason was blank. There were many thoughts, they were random, they were blank, there were not in a proportion, They were blank alike me.

I feel like jotting down all my blank thoughts and I am wondering how can I jot down the blankness, how can I jot down something when there is nothing but blankness? Help me none, help self to help the blankness. Life is awesome, it’s beautiful when it’s blank, when it has noting to listen to but self.

Enjoy the blankness to avoid the dullness and illness.