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March 31, 2016

Je suis tres Bon

I was great even before I was born,

I will remain great even after I die,

I am great in my thoughts,

I am great in my actions,

I am great even when people betray me,

I am great even when I am ruthless,

I am great when I am detested,

I am great when I am in love,

I am great when I ripped myself,

I am great when I was raped,

I am great may not be for you but for self,

I see my greatness in my dreams,

I live my greatness in my time,

And I thank you all for making me great.

March 21, 2016

Mon Amour

My love, you know what love is,

And I have lost my sanity in it.

You know what a tender touch is,

And I brush my lips against it.

You know what a beautiful thought is,

And I swim in it.

You know what a life is,

And I live in it.

You know what my insanity for you is,

And I created my world in it.

March 14, 2016


“Hope is a dangerous thing”.

Some are scared of it, some die because of it, some ruin circumstances for it, some live it, some breathe it, some dream it and for some hope is the most beautiful thing.

Whoever thinks that “hope” is the liveliest word knows that hope is where heart is (as said by a friend of mine).

Hope creates a life within the death, a song in the dead cells, a tune in the blankness, love for the people who loathe them, a charisma in the obnoxiousness, a smile among the tears, an emotion within a stoic, a bond between the strangers.

Oh… how beautiful this hope is to imbibe through a living being to make it realize that nothing is permanent and all the hopes will be fulfilled some day by hope itself.

“Hope is why you are here, Love it.”

March 7, 2016


This is the society I am living where I find so many educated people belonging to elite class lacking the normal courtesy. The courtesy of being original, being true to yourself. I wonder how long it has been the so-called elite class people looked directly into their own eyes for doing some thing real good without hurting anyone’s emotion. How true really these people are who I speak to everyday? I hardly find the genuineness within them. They seem like carrying a plastic smile on their face and an illusion in their mind of being original and a commitment to hurt others either emotionally or physically.

These fake people in an original attire increase my immunity and strengthen my confidence by giving me a chance to laugh at them every now and then. They are making fun of themselves without their knowledge. I hope that they must not lose their originality while pretending their temporary role.

March 3, 2016

Je suis malade

I am sick…

I am sick of the semen which starts competing to fertilize inside the ovum.

I am sick of the human beings who have no idea about the humanity.

I am sick of the religions which are differentiating one from the other inside a room.

I am sick of the racists who are busy underestimating.

I am sick of the virago who are busy dominating everyone around.

I am sick of the sadists who indulge themselves in getting the irrelevant pleasures in others’ wounds.

I am sick of the friendship which vanishes because of ego.

I am sick of the relationships which can’t face the storm together.

I am sick of love which does not last till eternity.

I am sick of the thoughts which are degrading the nature’s existence.

I am sick of the moral sickness of the unconscionable creatures.