Qui Suis Je?

I am tall, arresting and fair with the best figure which attract most of the men and make most of the women jealous. The educational credentials show that I am highly qualified and the offer letters revel that I have declined the offer from most of the top companies of the world but I am still living an opulent life.

No, I have not inherited any property or money from my parents or grandparents. My parents politely asked me to leave their home, which used to be ours, after trying to convince me to leave the profession I am into.

What do I do? I am not working with any companies, I am not working for anyone but I am satisfying most of the human beings. I am satisfying the physical needs of men and women of this society, the profession which was looked down upon by the responsible people of the educated society. However, we are satisfying most of the people of this society who despise our profession outside the four walls and appraise us inside the closed doors.

Some are first-timers, some are experienced, some are young, some are old, some are deceived, some are desperate, some are diffident and some are lively. Some negotiate, some don’t and some pay more. Some shed tears, some enjoy the moments, some sleep after getting drunk, some abuse and some hurt physically. Some spend some time chatting over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer before leaving. And some try to see someone else within me.

I am a great actor and I am paid for acting but I am not renowned like the celebrities as my acting starts and ends within the four walls and the acting lasts from a few minutes to over night. I appreciate my acting but no one knows that I act. I won’t be paid if I fake my acting. I nominate myself for Oscar even which I win in my dreams.

I travel a lot and write in my free time. The ones who know me as a writer does not know the other side of me. I have a real estate business and the people associated to me in my business life are not aware of my other two professions. I do visit old age homes and orphanages every other day and serve the best I could. I love nature and appreciate the beauty of the humanity.

I ponder over myself what I am. I love myself the most but when I see myself in the mirror, all the personalities come out and ask “Who am I?”.


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