Whatever it Takes…

We do heck of a things and we sometimes give up heck up a things. Everyone does the same thing and when we want to do something different then we find that most of the things are already done by someone else. How can we do the same thing again and if we are doing the same thing, will we succeed in that? The mind is struck by some of the questions like this instantly. We do some surveys on this, give some time to this, live for this and then we give up as we feel that it’s not the right thing to get the success. Do we really do this? All? No. Some? Yes.
We just need to keep one thing in our mind, “Whatever it Takes, I will complete it. Nothing can stop me from completing this errand which I have assigned to myself.”. That is the time when the success will proceed towards us. We have to remember that if we are doing the same thing, there must be something different in it. It must not be same or have any resemblance with others. It needs to be different. If we are doing something new which does not exist then we need to believe in it. We need to LIVE it to its fullest without having a bit of doubt in the gray cells. That’s the time when you will feel in a different way somewhere within core of your heart.
Whatever it takes, you get up every morning and complete your ablutions. Similarly, whatever it takes, you have to believe in your ownself and trust your belief to make the things happen.
Every relationship stands on a feeling and some emotions. Every feeling and emotion are different. When there is a clash in the emotions or the feelings, a relationship parts. That’s when the belief lacks. The relationships which stand the lack of communications, come over the clashes of emotions and do not suspect the feelings, make a great relationship and the bond can never be broken. There are only a few examples of great relationships.
Likewise, we have to understand the emotion of the task which we are doing for our own self so as to reach the pinnacle. We only refrain our self from our dreams only when we have a clash with it and the bonding breaks. Every single relationship is delicate and we have to live it in stead of taking it for granted.
We want to succeed and we lack the guts to walk and hold the hands of the success at any point of time at any cost and whatever it takes from us.
Whatever it takes, live it.
Whatever it takes. get it.
Whatever it takes, do it.
whatever it takes, feel it.
Whatever it takes, make it.
Whatever it takes, achieve it,
Whatever it takes, win it.
As in the end, it’s all about YOU and you ONLY.


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