A few evenings ago, I was lying on the terrace looking at the twinkling stars and thinking about the next content. The grey cells were totally numb. While the numbness of the grey cells persist, the mobile beeps informed the brain to use its cells and the mobile showed “1 message received” when the eyes looked at it. I went through the text which was from one of my friends. The moment I went through the message I got the content. The grey cells were out of their numbness and started working.

I’ve always wondered about the sex. It’s not about the intercourse, I am talking about. I am talking about the masculine and feminine sex or gender. God’s greatest invention “human being”, which is comprised of man and woman. God’s most beautiful creation “WOMAN”. It’s always been a mystery for everyone to suss out this sex. I have heard it somewhere that the heart of a woman is like the depth of an ocean. And,  I’ve always wondered “Who is SHE” or “What is SHE”?

Is she a baby or a daughter or a sister or a friend or a student or a lover or a wife or a mother or a Goddess or a symbol of purity or an actress or a virago or a prey of the man’s physical hunger or a satyriasis or a puppet in a society or an example of counterfeit or a two-legged materialistic creature or a blood sucker?

She might not be any of those and might be something or someone else.  I’ve always found her as a soul enlightening person, a light in the abyss of darkness, a teacher to teach me about every little thing starting from the movement of the tongue to the most pious thing how to make love. She is the indivisible and invisible part of my aura and my soul. She is the hope in the darkness of despondency. She is the mirror when I need some rectification, she is the eternal motivation when I am imbibed with external demotivation. She is the destiny of the life’s journey, she is the concentration. She is the covert symbol of existence. She is the thought of my life, she is the mysterious truth. She made me the unsolved puzzle.  She is the importance. She is the reason of my existence, however, she is not the reason behind my success because she is my success. She is not the reason for my happiness as she is my happiness.


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