Une Lettre

My Dearest Sweetest Adorable Uncanny Life,
   I wanted to meet you when I  did not know what life is. The more I spoke to you, the more I came closer to you. The more I loved you, the less I knew about you. Nothing or nobody can ever measure the eternity of the emotions but I dared to, although I despised it.
I love everything about my life, the smile, the voice, the anger, the support, the care, the understanding, the silence, the sharing, the intuition, the telepathy, the pain, the tears, the trust, the thoughts, the elegance. One survives or lives not only because of the life or the soul, it’s because of the life and the soul and I don’t know which one you are or you represent both.
  The stars above not always twinkle but they shine, they always have a brightness in them and I am glad to have the brightness within me which is making me indefatigable. I love the tacit relationship of ours.  Sometimes, the wind blows hard against you, you don’t oppose it and let it blow and then ask the reason. Sometimes, you back out and refrain yourself from the blow and I feel deserted and land up in a place known as nowhere.
   I show my love and I owe my gratitude to my life who is my soul filled with eternal love.
   Thank you for being the silent smile of my heart. Thank you for being the soul of my body.
Yours lovingly,
(Sometimes, the name in the sign off hurts.)

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