Une réalité dans un rêve

Some say I am vulnerable and most say impassive; and I smile at their assertion.

I used to meet a kid everyday till a few days ago. Sometimes, once in 24 hours and sometimes more than that. I was never good to him. He has always seen the bitter side of mine. Kids are the great souls and I am not good with the great souls. He was more compatible and comfortable with my sibling and parents.

A few days ago, he shifted to a different place along with his parents and I did not even bother to bid him a goodbye. He even left without bothering himself to bid me a goodbye.

A few days after he shifted, I was having my usual nap in the afternoon (the naps last for 3-4 hours at the least). To my utter surprise, I found him during that short nap. He was sitting beside me on the bed and apologizing for all those ill feelings which he had. The eyelashes got parted when a drop of those salty water rolled down my forehead. I woke up, wiped off and walked to the washroom to pour some cold water on my face.

I realized that the apology to be a dream and the tears to be a reality.

Even the weirdest of our dreams have got some emotional impact in the real life and teaches us to move on leaving behind the ill feelings.


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