Haut et Bas

Life… What a beautiful four letters word, alike, Love.

What it is? Many have experienced and described it or defined it on their own way. And I am sitting here under the full moon sky on the shore of this mesmerizing sea and pondering about life. It seems like a tide to me sometimes and sometimes like a mountain, sometimes it looks like a road and sometimes like an electrocardiogram.

Tides go up and down as they have their dance moves and I dance without even shaking a part of my body but the heart keeps dancing to its own beats.

Life has its own beats. It has its own ups and downs. The ups always enlighten me and give me a confidence to make something better. On the contrary, the downs never let me get up. Is it what life is? Isn’t it meant to be like a road which always teaches to go on and on without looking back? Isn’t it meant to be like the mountains of the Himalayas and back your negative thoughts with positive ones and keeps ensuring life that everything will be fine and not to fret?

But how would you behave when you feel that nothing is going right in your life just because you broke your heart for the first time when your first love which was supposed to last forever became number. And when you’re supposed to get hold of it, you lose someone forever who was really close to you and when you’re about to get rid of it, you lose your job and when you think that you’re about to fall over again, you see yourself and realize that you don’t have a job to support yourself, forget about being in a relationship.

Life gives you an option, it always does, whether to focus on what you have or what you don’t have, what’s wrong is happening or happened or all the enthralling moments which happened are yet to happen.

After living a couple of decades, the realization hit and it did hit hard. It will go on as if it never ends, it will go up and the moments will always remain up even if the circumstances are down. It will make you stoic that the demise of someone close to you won’t affect unless you close yourself in a dark room and the carefree attitude will release you from the so-called close contacts although the ones who really know you, will never leave you.

Just like a coin, you will own two faces, one for self and the other for the whole world. The world will see the upside of yours and you will face your downside when you’re aloof.

Cheer up, be insanely sane, be downside up and upside down. That’s life, that’s you. Be YOU, be SELF, be emotionally up when you’re down and be down when your ego is up.



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