October 5, 2016

Le Silence

The most precious moment in a life when everything is in chaos is the moment of silence. The moment when even the cacophony does not have any effect on the ear drums in a crowd. It’s required when the grey cells make the maximum noise inside the brain and do not listen to anyone. It’s required when the heart bleeds and no one can listen to it’s despondency. It’s required when the the mind needs to be in melancholy. It’s when there is an aura filled with negativity and you can’t come out of it. It’s required when you need the air within you to breathe. It’s required when you want your inner demons to shut their mouth and zip their lips. It’s required when someone leaves you. It’s required when you are successful. It’s required when you are anxious about something. It’s required when a change is coming on your way. It’s required when you believe the unbelievable. It’s required when you talk to people on every day basis who you know are dumb but think that they are omniscience. It’s required when you see the hues and cries around you. It’s required when you need to be yourself. It’s required when you are completely in love. It’s required when you need to feel the impalpable. It’s required when you want to listen to your beats. It’s required when you need the time to live. It’s required when you have to feel your breathe. It’s required when you think it’s not required.

September 8, 2016

Whatever it Takes…

We do heck of a things and we sometimes give up heck up a things. Everyone does the same thing and when we want to do something different then we find that most of the things are already done by someone else. How can we do the same thing again and if we are doing the same thing, will we succeed in that? The mind is struck by some of the questions like this instantly. We do some surveys on this, give some time to this, live for this and then we give up as we feel that it’s not the right thing to get the success. Do we really do this? All? No. Some? Yes.
We just need to keep one thing in our mind, “Whatever it Takes, I will complete it. Nothing can stop me from completing this errand which I have assigned to myself.”. That is the time when the success will proceed towards us. We have to remember that if we are doing the same thing, there must be something different in it. It must not be same or have any resemblance with others. It needs to be different. If we are doing something new which does not exist then we need to believe in it. We need to LIVE it to its fullest without having a bit of doubt in the gray cells. That’s the time when you will feel in a different way somewhere within core of your heart.
Whatever it takes, you get up every morning and complete your ablutions. Similarly, whatever it takes, you have to believe in your ownself and trust your belief to make the things happen.
Every relationship stands on a feeling and some emotions. Every feeling and emotion are different. When there is a clash in the emotions or the feelings, a relationship parts. That’s when the belief lacks. The relationships which stand the lack of communications, come over the clashes of emotions and do not suspect the feelings, make a great relationship and the bond can never be broken. There are only a few examples of great relationships.
Likewise, we have to understand the emotion of the task which we are doing for our own self so as to reach the pinnacle. We only refrain our self from our dreams only when we have a clash with it and the bonding breaks. Every single relationship is delicate and we have to live it in stead of taking it for granted.
We want to succeed and we lack the guts to walk and hold the hands of the success at any point of time at any cost and whatever it takes from us.
Whatever it takes, live it.
Whatever it takes. get it.
Whatever it takes, do it.
whatever it takes, feel it.
Whatever it takes, make it.
Whatever it takes, achieve it,
Whatever it takes, win it.
As in the end, it’s all about YOU and you ONLY.

September 6, 2016

The Breakup

Every move of hers blew me out. She was junior to me in school and I had my eyes set on her. I took the first step and she agreed to take the steps forward together forever. Many beautiful moments were lived together until one day she bid a farewell. Forever lasted for three months.

I felt the tears rolling down my eyes for a couple of days in the darkness and the heart bled in the day light till a girl who was around five years older than me came and held my hands. She not only helped me in my studies but also healed my bleeding heart. She hugged me so tight that I realized that my heart won’t bleed ever again. We had this secret affair. She texted me at three in the morning confessing her love and bidding a farewell. She vanished in the thin air as there was no contact of hers. No phone, no emails and none of her friends knew about her. The secret affair secretly broke up and the heart secretly wept, the devastated emotions were secretly hidden.

I was meant not to be in love. Ever. I was afraid to take another chance, a risk, and hurt myself. Moreover, it was impossible to think of anyone else. She was secretly travelling through my grey cells and flowing through my heart.The clock ticked, weather changed, places changed and so did life.

I was proved to be wrong by self and the one pole of the magnet was again attracting the another pole. Someone, again, entered into my life who was almost of the same age as mine. It started with a formal chat and became informal. The words of a few minutes became night long laughter. The first kiss was experienced and the same cup of coffee was shared. The lunch plates were always the same and there were never two cones of ice-creams. The heart felt that the time has come to settle down with this beautiful woman and have a stress free life but (this damn but always changes the whole meaning. Damn this but) it was not meant to be in that way. Society came into the picture and I became the antagonist. Everything was futile and every effort to convince went in vain. And we broke up, again.

The broken mirror can’t be joined without having a scar but the broken heart can be mend without leaving any ill experiences. The heart has decided to live a life without having any other affairs and break-ups. It was fed up with the social taboo and the trauma. It was not meant to be suffered every time. Neither the -OH group nor the consolations, neither travel nor the nature could heal my heart and I was in no position to trust myself in a relationship anymore. I knew that I won’t recover from it ever but I understood, after a few years of dwelling over, that it’s a waste pondering over things which I can’t change or handle. There is no point wasting life over the things which don’t value you.

I am, after a few years of struggle with the inner beast, happily settled now with a beautiful soul who accepted wholly. We have no particular place as we keep changing our location every other year. We are walking together towards our dreams which is secretly shared by us to live a life full of laughter.

None of my relationships was a delusion, none was based upon a fake emotion, none was meant for passing time and none of them were worth for me. I am thankful and my life is filled with gratitude without any angst and remorse.

The breakups joined me together after breaking me apart.

September 1, 2016

Qui Suis Je?

I am tall, arresting and fair with the best figure which attract most of the men and make most of the women jealous. The educational credentials show that I am highly qualified and the offer letters revel that I have declined the offer from most of the top companies of the world but I am still living an opulent life.

No, I have not inherited any property or money from my parents or grandparents. My parents politely asked me to leave their home, which used to be ours, after trying to convince me to leave the profession I am into.

What do I do? I am not working with any companies, I am not working for anyone but I am satisfying most of the human beings. I am satisfying the physical needs of men and women of this society, the profession which was looked down upon by the responsible people of the educated society. However, we are satisfying most of the people of this society who despise our profession outside the four walls and appraise us inside the closed doors.

Some are first-timers, some are experienced, some are young, some are old, some are deceived, some are desperate, some are diffident and some are lively. Some negotiate, some don’t and some pay more. Some shed tears, some enjoy the moments, some sleep after getting drunk, some abuse and some hurt physically. Some spend some time chatting over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer before leaving. And some try to see someone else within me.

I am a great actor and I am paid for acting but I am not renowned like the celebrities as my acting starts and ends within the four walls and the acting lasts from a few minutes to over night. I appreciate my acting but no one knows that I act. I won’t be paid if I fake my acting. I nominate myself for Oscar even which I win in my dreams.

I travel a lot and write in my free time. The ones who know me as a writer does not know the other side of me. I have a real estate business and the people associated to me in my business life are not aware of my other two professions. I do visit old age homes and orphanages every other day and serve the best I could. I love nature and appreciate the beauty of the humanity.

I ponder over myself what I am. I love myself the most but when I see myself in the mirror, all the personalities come out and ask “Who am I?”.

August 31, 2016

Le depart


I didn’t turn around

when you shed your unstoppable tears,

I didn’t hold you in my arms

when you needed me the most,

I was living a life with a smile

when your life was shattered,

I was keeping myself in tact

when you were tearing yourself apart,

I was alive but you were dead,

And without bidding a farewell, we parted.


August 11, 2016

La Mort

One day I will perish like the billions of invisible cells perish every jiffy and that day this body full of life won’t be anything but food for some scavengers if not buried or burnt.

Am I thinking about death? No, because life and death are like two opposite shores of the sea and one has to leave one shore to enjoy the other.

Am I worried about death? No, because I live death every night and born every morning.

Is death beautiful? Yes, it is, however, life is much more beautiful than death.

As the adage goes “some people die at 25 and aren’t buried till 75”. And here I am, who thinks of nothing but life every single moment and live it with zeal and make the life passionate about me. I have seen many who born at an age of 25 or 30 or even later and then the make the most of the rest of the moments. These people love everything and everyone. They spread love and live for love. They have no regrets and the kiss the success which they receive by spreading love. These people were re-born, they defeat death by enlightening themselves with the lessons taught by their own life.

They were dead not by some natural causes but by an accident. The accident which never let their minds open wide enough to accept and replenish their thoughts. They were dead by the physical and mental diseases which they never think of getting over. They were surrounded by a field of  negative thoughts. They allow their mind to wither and tither. They don’t nourish their diseased mind before it even dies and never leave a chance accuse others.

However, the people who were reborn, accepted the scars and decided to make a difference to their death so that they should not have any penitence when death will knock at their door to occupy the body by throwing life out of it.

Live the relations before it is killed, cherish the moments before it’s seized and love life till the clock ticks.


August 5, 2016

Le rêve

I was nothing till I woke up one night, in the middle of the night, thinking what went wrong. I was in a peaceful slumber which was disturbed by some occurrence. The things which occurred created a havoc in my life. I disturbed none and lay on the bed till morning. My eyes were closed but I was not asleep anymore. I had no idea how long I was lying under the mattress before the glimpse of sunlight entered into the room and the cows mooed.

I spoke to my dad about the incident which took my sleep away and then I got to know what dream is. Dream is what changed my life. It created a havoc in my life and made me a dreamer. Just like any two-legged creature, I also encountered it at a very tender age and since then all my wants and needs, although the wants followed the needs, became a dream. Moreover, my life became a dream. The never-ending moments, the long hours, the vacillating thoughts and the inexplicable emotions became an indivisible part of my dreams.

Dream is what asked me to hold on to it when I lost everything, it assured me that it’s never going to betray me, it loved me much more than I loved it, it taught me not to give up ever, it consoled me when I was broke, it mend the relationships when it went sour, it walked along with me through the abyss of darkness and it made me realize that nothing but love will surpass everything.

When no one trusted me, dream confided its belief on me. When the society demotivated, dream inspired me. When the two-legged creatures made fun, dreams laughed back at them silently as the dreamers never make fun of anyone. Dream polished my thoughts, filtered my mind and gave life to the soul. Dream gave wings to the hidden talents and exposed the creativity from the cage of fright.

The dreams reflect my attitude. I am not what my attitude is but what my dream is. Dream, not because it makes itself a reality but it gives life an eternal purpose.

“Trust in dreams, for in them is the hidden gate to eternity.’ – Khalil Gibran

March 31, 2016

Je suis tres Bon

I was great even before I was born,

I will remain great even after I die,

I am great in my thoughts,

I am great in my actions,

I am great even when people betray me,

I am great even when I am ruthless,

I am great when I am detested,

I am great when I am in love,

I am great when I ripped myself,

I am great when I was raped,

I am great may not be for you but for self,

I see my greatness in my dreams,

I live my greatness in my time,

And I thank you all for making me great.

March 21, 2016

Mon Amour

My love, you know what love is,

And I have lost my sanity in it.

You know what a tender touch is,

And I brush my lips against it.

You know what a beautiful thought is,

And I swim in it.

You know what a life is,

And I live in it.

You know what my insanity for you is,

And I created my world in it.

March 14, 2016


“Hope is a dangerous thing”.

Some are scared of it, some die because of it, some ruin circumstances for it, some live it, some breathe it, some dream it and for some hope is the most beautiful thing.

Whoever thinks that “hope” is the liveliest word knows that hope is where heart is (as said by a friend of mine).

Hope creates a life within the death, a song in the dead cells, a tune in the blankness, love for the people who loathe them, a charisma in the obnoxiousness, a smile among the tears, an emotion within a stoic, a bond between the strangers.

Oh… how beautiful this hope is to imbibe through a living being to make it realize that nothing is permanent and all the hopes will be fulfilled some day by hope itself.

“Hope is why you are here, Love it.”